The Rio Method Rocks With Small Businesses


Hey everyone. Congratulations on making it to the 3rd video. Wohoo! Welcome back to the Rio Method video series. With these videos, you’ll learn how to create a strong brand to skyrocket your sales!! Flavia Lemos here, Co-Creator of the Rio Method. In this video, we’ll show you how the Rio Method changed the game for a small company.

In this project, we were asked to develop a passion-driven, purposeful brand for a Parent Coach. Lisa Smith provides meaningful family transformations. She wanted to attract high-end clients with a rebrand. Just like Amazon, she came to us for the solution.

After identifying the needs of her clients, analyzing data and researching the coaching industry, we applied the Rio Method to her rebranding.

The Peaceful Parent teaches parents to create a home that is safe !and peaceful.

Following the Rio Method, we started with storytelling, step 1. Since this is Lisa’s personal brand we’re using her actual name and true history. Lisa was stuck in a yelling match with her own child. They were arguing about his homework when she realized… “I created this chaos”.
She had been so focused on her professional life that her personal relationship with her son.. had suffered.

This prompted Lisa to leave her job, and dive deep into parent coaching. Focused on problem-solving and effective communication, Lisa found peace as a parent.

Now, she helps parents find peace and love in their families.

She tells this story in her website and each webinar trainings to connect with her audience.

Step 2, condense the story into a brand message. Lisa works with parents to connect deeply with their kids and create peace in the home.

Step 3, The 4 pillars of the brand strategy.

Her PASSION: Peace in the family.

Her central PURPOSE: To help families.

Her unique POSITION: The Peaceful Parent methodology.

Finally, How she would rate PERFORMANCE: by securing happiness in the families.

For Step 4, We needed a symbol to embody teamwork, love, balance and forgiveness. We thought about the bees. It needed to represent a parent having antennas, sort of being an emotional detective for their children. The bees also work together for a common goal and they create spaces for love. From her logo to her brand language, everything Is about  the bees, honey, and love.

Lisa cried when we presented her project! We had hit the emotional nail on the head with her brand strategy.

She told us “Before Flavia and her team, I had a logo with some colors. : )Now, I have a brand that I’m very proud of and fully expresses me, my business and my mission!”

On top of attracting high-end clients, Lisa’s rebrand scaled online sales over $100K a month in just ninety days! Now, she has a brand strategy that fully matches her expertise.

You’ve seen how the Rio Method brought huge success to other companies, are you ready to do the same? Would you like to create a remarkable brand and grow your sales in the next ninety days? The reason I ask you this is because wwe believe it can be done that fast.

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Here’s our promise to you

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Apply for a free brand assessment now and let’s make your brand our next success story.

Group rio media, Brand with passion and grow your sales.

Flavia is a pro, from start to finish. Flavia has earned a reputation for asking excellent questions to better understand the data and the problem we’re trying to solve. She is extremely bright, creative, works quickly and delivers every time. Most notably, she has the best can-do attitude and works extremely well in a collaborative team environment.
— Lysa Parker, Lead UX Designer at AT&T