No Sales? Here’s Why.


Most companies are wasting too much money with blah brands, and unprofitable websites.

Hey everybody. I’m Flavia Lemos, CEO of Group Rio Media. Welcome to the Rio Method video series. If you take five minutes a day to watch each of these three videos, I’ll really help you create a strong brand strategy and highly grow your sales.

Are you struggling with your brand and killing your growth? Are you just another face in the crowd with a so-so brand and website? Are you Competing on price because you’re no different than your competitors?

We get it. A lot of our clients were in the same position when they asked us for help. The truth is, The lack of a strong brand strategy is already costing you tons of money.       

After 23 years of experience in Branding and Web Design, testing different strategies for growth, finally we created our signature Rio Method. This is how we help companies like AT&T, Amazon as well as hundreds of small businesses to create a strong brand and drastically increase their sales. And you, can do it as well.

If you pay attention to these 3 short videos, and the PDF below, I’ll help you:

1. Understand the growth strategy of global brands like Amazon and also small businesses 2. Create your unique brand 3. Grow your sales

This is video 1 and it asks the question: How can you increase your sales?

It all starts with step 1: Storytelling. !!Craft your story. the story of your brand shows how unique your brand is, and expresses your brand’s values, passion and purpose. When you use storytelling, people immediately create an emotional connection with your brand. And they feel so inspired, that they spread the word. Your story will be used to create your brand message, which is step 2, and also in keynote presentations and videos, to connect with your audience online.

At Group Rio Media, we say, Brands are like people, they grow when they find their purpose.

After you craft your brand’s story, you condense it to create your Brand Message. Step 2. This is the way for your brand to be memorable in 1 single sentence. A Brand Message shows how unique your brand is, it inspires people to connect aand to immediately buy your products. Yes!

Let’s recap, step 1: story, step 2: brand message.

Next, your brand needs a strong foundation; this is based on the 4 pillars of your Brand Strategy. Which is step 3. Your pillars are going to be based on specific questions:

1.       Passion - What’s the emotional connection with your audience?

2.       Purpose - What is the big why of your brand? The big goal.

3.       Position - What makes it unique? How does it set your company apart?

4.       Performance - How do others benefit from it? Does your brand show how you help others succeed?

These pillars support a single strategy and provide consistency. They are the guideposts on your journey to creating an inspiring and profitable business.

But, how do you put all this together in a single logo? And How do people recognize your brand when they interact with your website or Youtube channel? This is where the Brand Visuals come in. Step 4. You’re going to create your logo, website, social media while standing on top of your 4 pillars. :/ This is an important step to guarantee that all the touch points with your audience are cohesive and speak the same language. We see a lot of brands making huge mistakes because of a lack of consistency. Their brand strategy does not match with their visual presentation. They use different fonts, different colors, messages, they create a big mess. This leaves customers so confused that drives them to buy from their competitors. It doesn’t mean that the competitor has a better product, it’s just easier to understand and less annoying to look at! : ) But if you stick to your strategy, your audience immediately connects with your unique and clear message. It can be through your business card or a Facebook Ad. It doesn’t matter, they get it!

This means people will love your brand, your website will convert browsers into buyers. And you will see a huge increase in sales. That is the Rio Method, Storytelling, Brand Message, Brand Pillars, Brand Visuals.

In the second video, we’re going to show you how we applied the Rio Method and drastically increased sales at Amazon.

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See you in the next video or on our live call for your free brand assessment. group Rio media - Brand with passion and grow your sales.

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