How Amazon Succeeded With Our Method


Hey everybody. Welcome back to Group Rio Media and the second video of the Rio Method video series on how to create a strong brand to skyrocket sales. I’m Flavia Lemos, Co-Creator of the Rio Method. In this video, We’re going to look at how we applied the Rio Method to Amazon and grew sales over 10%.

Before we start, remember, a remarkable brand does these 5 things: 1. Effectively communicates your brand’s values, vision and purpose 2. Emotionally connects your brand with your audience. 3. Positions your company as the industry leader eliminating the competition 4. Creates a WOW experience for customers, making sure they LOVE your brand for life. 5. SKYROCKETS your sales.

let’s look at how the Rio Method made all this possible by rebranding Amazon’s Kitchen Page.

Amazon had an outdated, confusing and underperforming page. Brands like Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid were rejecting opportunities to partner with them. It was bad, that’s when they asked for our help.

Following the Rio Method, we started with storytelling, step 1. We identified the customer needs, analyzed data, and researched the kitchen and dining industries. The right story was all about highlighting the : ) love people feel in the kitchen through fun aand learning. We thought about grandmas back in the day preparing food and the idea of learning to cook with friends, drinking a glass of wine and laughing together.

The kitchen is a special place in the house that brings people together. It’s where recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. !!It’s also where aspiring chefs strive for delicious creativity. The kitchen is much more than just a room in the house — it’s where science, art, and love all intersect in the home. We wanted to capture all these on the page.
We created a story of learning and love and put this in how-to videos. In this way, the audience could feel like there was a trendy celebrity, an old friend  : ) or even their grandma cooking with them. These videos produced a powerful emotional connection with the audience.

Next, we condensed the story into the brand message, Step 2. Get together, have fun and learn how to cook.

Step 3, the 4 pillars of the brand strategy.

1.     PASSION: what’s the emotional connection that the brand provides? A way to connect with friends and family.

2.     PURPOSE: what is the brand’s big goal? To Create love in the home and a passion for cookkking.

3.     POSITION: How did this set Amazon apart? The Kitchen’s Page became much more than just a store front, they connected on the emotional level.

4.     PERFORMANCE: How does the brand help clients succeed through this transformation? Amazon helps customers go from lost to savvy in the kitchen.

Finally Step 4. Brand Visuals. We made how-to-videos of delicious meals being made with high-quality products. We created a new wireframe with large placements for videos and imagery. This provides a seamless, personal, and smart experience. For a healthy and fresh look, we used a natural color scheme, warm typography, and a solar morning light.
By applying the Rio Method, we increased sales over 10% and traffic more than 25%. This is without spending on Ads. And now, brands like Cuisinart and KitchenAid immediately asked to sponsor the page. ; ) Yes! Celebration!

Get started now with the Rio Method. Apply for a free brand assessment and let’s transform your company. In the next video we’ll show you how the Rio Method also changes the game for small businesses. group rio media - Brand with passion and grow your sales.

Flavia is a fantastic designer that has the ability to take a problem and distill the solution into a simple solution.
— hafiz huda, amazon creative director
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