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This Is How You’re Going To Stand Out

The Rio Brand Academy is designed to promote your business, generate new leads, and accelerate growth. 

  • Are your competitors drowning you out of the market?

  • Are customers confused when you try to explain your services?
  • Is it difficult to keep creating valuable social media content?

  • Are expert consulting and done-for-you services out of your budget?
  • Is it hard to get direction and valuable feedback?

  • Where did your customer loyalty go?

We Get Your Struggles And Want To Help You Succeed.

Learn the same proven strategy we applied to our clients.
Trusted by over 200 leaders like you


How’s It Done?
You’ll use a 4-piece framework focused on creating an emotional connection.


Why An Emotional Connection?
It’s the strongest and most loyal bond between client and business.


And The Result?
You stand out and the competition is irrelevant; now set your price point.


The Rio Brand Strategy quadrupled my email list! My brand helps me to connect with high-end clients and keeps increasing my sales.

What’s Inside The Program

Most programs teach only one aspect of branding. In order to be successful, you need to learn the whole process.
Our framework breaks down all the components of successful brands to help you succeed.

  • Business Fundamentals - Analyze your ideal client, offer, competition, and values.

  • Brand message - Clarify your message by focusing on the transformation your business provides.

  • Storytelling - Craft your story and use body language to excel in videos and presentations.

  • Values - Reveal the core values of your business, including the purpose and how you help others succeed.
  • Brand Visuals - Express all the strategy with colors, fonts, logos, and imagery.

  • Implement - Study softwares to create logos, websites and much more.

  • Promote - Expand your reach by connecting emotionally with your audience on social media and more.

  • Mindset - Boost your mindset to eliminate limited beliefs and achieve high performance.

Leave a lasting impression and create loyal fans.


Ask Flavia

Get Personalized Expert Mentorship Through Q&A Calls And Weekly Webinars.


Join The Community

Enjoy a Facebook community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Get inspired, ask questions, build a network, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!




Access the videos and workbooks whenever you want, from wherever, with any device.

Stop being passed by the competition.

How To Book Your Program

Your Roadmap To Online Success!


Reserve Your Seat
Your company needs to be aligned around a clear strategy. We can help.


Set Your Own Pace
Schedule the time to strategize your brand and let’s do this!


Dive In!
Create a strong strategy for your brand and unlock your company’s potential.


Tired of being overlooked by customers?

  • Expert Mentorship: it's like having a Chief of Marketing Officer for a fraction of the price.

  • Nail down the strategy for your Logo, Website, Social Media, Tagline, Speaking gigs, Videos, and any other Mkt Material.

  • Save money and all those years of marketing with our proven brand strategy.

  • You stand out, and have a distinct advantage in the marketplace.
  • Build an emotional connection with your crowd that creates loyalty.

  • Finally, you have a clear message and a brand people love!

Are you lost in your business with no one turn to?


A Program That Takes Your Company To The Next Level

Everything you need to have a successful brand strategy that helps you stand out.

Successful Marketing Materials
A plan to expand your reach through social media, websites, logos and videos that really work.


Consulting And Proven Results
Get direct access to Flavia and learn from successful case studies showing growth in business and brand identity.


Structured and Simple Method
6 modules with videos, the Rio Brand Strategy Workbook and tons of bonus materials!


No one should be just another face in the crowd.

Thanks to The Rio Brand Strategy, we accelerated our business growth and created customer loyalty!
— dr bob harding,
Now I have a clear brand message, a defined marketing strategy and doable action items for my business. The Rio Brand Academy is powerful and purposeful!
— wendy kim, ceo at your dream realized