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We take the methods we’ve used to improve world-class iconic brands and apply them to boost your brand, connect emotionally and grow.


Led by Flavia Lemos, Group Rio Media was founded in Brazil. Armed with innovative minds, creative passion and over two decades of experience, we’ve helped breathe new life into brands such as Nokia, Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

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Now based in the US, Group Rio Media has the heart and soul of Rio de Janeiro. The sound of Samba shapes our sketches, the crashing surf guides our creativity, and mother nature inspires our color palette. These elements, combined with our Rio Method strategy, help us create award-winning projects for our clients.

We’re committed to making your brand as powerful as Coca-Cola and as successful as Amazon’s stock. Just look at our client’s results:

Amazon’s Books page – we increased sales over 10% in 20 days without any promotional investment!
The Peaceful Parent (Coach) – we scaled online sales over $100k/mo in 90 days.
AT&T Search experience – developed an easy, effective and engaging user experience it with a focus on: Easy, Effortless, Effective and Engaging for all AT&T consumers.



Group Rio Media helps you create inspiring experiences that convert browsers into buyers.


Our vision is to: Create feel-good, iconic, and purpose-driven brands that inspire people to take action.

Because let’s face it - memorable brands get noticed and make all the money that plain vanilla brands don’t! : )

That’s why our mission is to help you uncover the passion and purpose of your brand by infusing it with our unique strategy that leads to massive growth.



Our clients benefit from having a remarkable brand, and no longer have to compete on price. They’re seen as innovators, creating fans and life-long brand advocates.

Flavia Lemos, Group Rio Media CEO

Group Rio Media is a standout in terms of their dedication to every project – they thoroughly research and provide customer data to support their approach, collaborate very effectively with all the business partners and provide amazing results!


From disruptive startups to industry titans, our team of experts love to create extraordinary projects for visionary companies.

No one likes to connect with blah brands, and who sticks around a complicated website? It doesn’t have to be that way. When your brand has a purposeful strategy and a fascinating story, your customers WILL engage and your company will grow!

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